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fma_eastside's Journal

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An Eastside Story
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Welcome to FMA_Eastside, a collective fanworks project for the Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagane no Renkinjutsushi fandom. Please read the rules thoroughly and remember to be courteous. If you have any questions, please direct them here.

[Project Goals:]
This community is intended to showcase some of the lesser-known yet still excellent writers of the FMA fandom. It is also intended as an outlet for those interested fans who wish to make a request for a particular fanwork to be written.

[For Requests:]
Requesting capability is open to all. To make a request, post your query as a comment on the latest request post. A new post for requests will be created once every two weeks. Please format your request thusly:

General Summary of Request:
Pairings, if any:
Preferred Rating, if applicable:
Particular Points to Include:

All pairings, ratings, topics, and timeframes are allowed.

[Request Fulfillment:]
Any writing member can select a request to fulfill. If you select a request, please comment that you have done so on the original request’s comment and notify the person who made the request by commenting in their own journal once it has been fulfilled. More than one person can fulfill a request.

For posting of fulfilled requests, please format your post thusly:

For Request: < a href=“url.of.original.request.comment” > From < /a > < lj user=username >

[General Rules:]
1. Please maintain a polite and accepting manner at all times. Misbehavior will not be tolerated.
2. This community deals with Fullmetal Alchemist only.
3. Any and all non-administrative material that contains spoilers, is not work-safe, or is over 250 words shall be placed behind a cut.

[Reading and Requesting Membership:]
Open to all. Simply comment on the appropriate post if you wish to make a request, as outlined earlier on this page.

[Writing Membership:]
By invitation. devils_devotion and mirimea are the persons assigned to browse the communities in search of high-quality new writers. If you would like to be invited to join, make sure you post well and often in the major community appropriate to your work. Alternately, if you have already been doing so for a period of time, you may make a polite request to either of those assigned persons that they check out your work. Please have your work clearly and concisely archived so that they may easily access it.

#1. Demidevi, devils_devotion: Fuhrer Bradley
#2. Maaya, mirimea: Maria Ross
#3. Ayu, ayuamarca: Heymans Breda
#4. Lykomancer, lykomancer: Maes Hughes
#5. Kawa, kawaiimae: Riza Hawkeye
#6. Jade, jade_pen: Vato Farman
#7. [currently vacant]
#8. Mark, emptybackpack: Private
#9. [currently vacant]
#10. Herongale, herongale: Scar
#11. Cephied, cephiedvariable: Jean Havoc
#12. Kyt, kytyngurl2: Cain Fury
#13. Tayles, tayles: Frank Archer
#14. Toffee, crazy_toffee: Black Hayate
#15. Manian, theburrahobbit: Zolof J. Kimbley
#16. Hajime, sanguineus: Scieska
#17. Dawn, kaiousei: Roy's Desk
#18. Chauni, chauni: Winry Rockbell

Further members will be assigned a number, rank, and name as they join.

CREDITS: Layout and info-graphics by cephiedvariable, member avatars made by kawaiimae

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